We can complete almost any Drainage project you May need


     Our Sand Ridge Excavating team have completed many drainage projects both big and small. Our skilled team specializes in…

County and State

  • Ditch maintenance/new installation

  • Tile maintenance/new installation

Property Owners…

  • Down spouts

  • Perimeter tile

  • Field tile

  • Ditch maintenance/new installation

We have the equipment and technology to install and repair your tile needs. Our high tech GPS and Laser Grade systems ensure that all tile is placed at the correct grade, so all tile moves water properly and efficiently. This technology also plays a big role in our ditch work. No matter what is used to move the water it is important that the right grade is set, so the water doesn’t get backed up and flood.

Now that you have decided to fix your drainage issue, let’s make it happen!

Tile Gallery

Ditch Work Gallery