THe Process

     In the beginning we work with you to stake out the desired shape and size for the pond they want. Once it is all ready we will check to make sure that the dirt is able to hold water. If it isn't then we recommend that the pond is not dug but if you still want it dug there are some options. Most of these options are very costly though! Once everything is all ready then we come and remove all topsoil and move it off to the side to redistribute once we're fully finished. Anytime throughout the project that we find any tile we will dig it back 10 to 30 feet and plug them unless otherwise needed. 

     A core trench is constructed all the way around the perimeter of the pond. The clay soil is excavated from the bottom of the pond. The Clay is then compacted in the core trench and brought up to final grade. Whatever soil needs excavated we will then proceed and pile it up until finished. A beach is then constructed. The bank slope is 3:1 and the beach slope is 10:1. That is just fancy talk for steep on the bank and not as steep on the beach! We install a stone ledge on the bank about 7-8 feet down normally to hold medium sized stone. Fine stone or sand is then placed on the beach.

     16 feet is the normal recommended depth for a pond. If it is any deeper of shallower then the pond will be harder to maintain. An overflow pipe is installed to ensure that if the water starts to rise it doesn't get too high. Topsoil is distributed throughout the yard so grass will grow well. We are certified and can install a water line so you are able to drink your water if you would like. As soon as possible the pond should be filled to protect the clay liner and the stone.


For more information contact us today and we can answer any questions or we can send you our pond pamphlet!


Pond Maintenance

Maintaining your pond is the next step after construction, so it is good to start brainstorming now!

Now that you know all about the pond you want, it is just the right time to make it happen!


Ryan Adam