Septic Systems

The Most Simple Guide for Septic systems


What is a Septic System?

     If you live in an area where there is no centralized septic plant then you will need to clean all of your wastewater in your own smaller system. This technology has been time-tested and proven to work time after time. It will treat all wastewater from bathrooms, kitchen drains, and laundry.


How does a septic system work?

     All of the wastewater from the house flows to on main drainage pipe. This drainage pipe then runs into the septic tank. In the tank the solids settle down to the bottom forming a sludge while the oil and grease float to the top as scum. The liquid wastewater exits the tank and goes to the leach field without the sludge and scum. Once in the leach field the liquid will filter through the stone and dirt which will naturally remove harmful bacteria, viruses, and nutrients.


Steps for adding a septic system

  1. You will need to contact your county Health Department and obtain a sewage system permit. There will be a few tests that the Health Department will want done and they will direct you in the correct direction.
  2. Once the Health Department approves everything then we can make an estimate for you.
  3. We are fully Certified for all septic installations.

     We have to be sure that the soil is dry enough for installation which also has to be approved by the Health Department. Usually Installation takes place between May 1st and October 31st, but it would not hurt to start the process sooner.


If you would like anymore information we have a full pamphlet on our septic systems that you can pick up in the office or if you contact us we can send it to you!